Macadamia Nut


Rich and buttery flavor with a very hard shell. Known as the Hawaiian Nut.



Large size tree, native to Mexico and Central America. Fruit is sweet and tasty. Good for over Ice cream and for syrups.


Large size tree, native to Northern Andes, Ecuador and Peru. Fruit is juicy and tropical tasting.



Large size tree, it has a leaf that is big, dark green, and very tropical looking, native to China. The fruit is small, gold in color, tasty, and grows in clusters.

Pineapple Guava/Feijoa



Medium size tree has beautiful flowers, and native to southern Brazil and Northern Argentina. The fruit is like a pineapple in taste with overtones of spearmint. The flowers are edible.

Mexican Guava


Tropical, tasty, very aromatic. There are many different varieties: Yellow, Red, or White.




Other varieties that are available are: Bangkok, Vietnamese, and White Arabian.
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