Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey Fig is a cold-hardy variety of fig tree with a delectable harvest.  Grow one in a sunny corner or as a background planting for a seasonal bed.  You can also easily grow one in a container on your front porch.  However you use the Brown Turkey, it’s sure to be an enjoyable choice for your home!

Brown Turkey Fig is most valued for its delicious harvest.  Ready for picking in late summer/early fall, the fruit is medium to large, with a reddish-brown skin highlighted with a purple hue. The pulp is reddish-pink and of wonderful quality.  

Those who prize Brown Turkey figs praise the milder flavor and subtle sweetness that works well in many dishes.  The fruit is even outstanding for home preserves.

Even without its fruit production, Brown Turkey Fig presents a lovely appearance for your landscape.  Its light green leaves fill out the grey branches well, and its moderate growth rate endures that you won’t have to wait long for your Brown Turkey to reach maturity.

Brown Turkey Fig will grow 15-25 feet in height with an equal spread.  It doesn’t mind if you prune it, and will easily adapt to a multi-stemmed shrub appearance if you prefer. 

Brown Turkey doesn’t need a pollinator, so you can start out with just one if you like.  It’s widely adaptable to soil conditions so there’s no need to fuss over it. 

Deer tend to pass the Brown Turkey by, but birds will appreciate sharing some of the fruit, and are good about cleaning up whatever you pass over.

The Brown Turkey Fig is a terrific choice in a fig tree that is cold-hardy, lovely to look at and provides delicious fruit every year.  Why not try one today!


  • 5 Gal: $28.00
  • 15 Gal: $70.00
  • 24" Box: $230.00

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