Nectarine Trees

Clausen Nursery located in Vista California carries a wide variety of nectarine trees including Arctic Star, Fantasia, Goldmine, Panamint, Snow Queen, and Sun Red.

Fantasia Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Fantasia Nectarine

Fantasia nectarine fruit trees produce fruit that are popular, large, yellow freestones. Early harvest fruit is firm, ripe and tangy.

Goldmine Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Goldmine Nectarine

Goldmine nectarine trees are a long-time favorite in California and Western Oregon. They are small to medium size white fleshed freestone.

Panamint Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Panamint Nectarine

Panamint nectarine trees produce a fruit that is an attractive red-skinned yellow freestone. They are aromatic, intensely flavored and have a nice acid-sugar balance.

Snow Queen Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Snow Queen Nectarine

Snow Queen nectarine trees produce fruit that are the taste test winners. They are a sweet, juicy, early season white freestone. 

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If you're interested in receiving more information about this varietal, feel free to drop us a line and we'll be in touch with you. We also offer discount pricing to retailers, landscapers and big projects so feel free to inquire as to our rates. You may also call us at (760) 724-3143.

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