Deciduous Fruit Trees

Anna Apple Clausen Nursery

Anna Apple

Anna apple trees produce remarkable fruit for mild-winter climates in Southern California. Heavy crops of sweet, crisp, flavorful apples even in low desert.

Arctic Star Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Arctic Star Nectarine

Arctic Star nectarine trees produce fruit that are the earliest to ripen of the new low acid, super sweet white nectarines.

Babcock Peach Clausen Nursery

Babcock Peach

Babcock peach trees are long time favorites with a fruit that is white fleshed freestone. 

Beauty Plum

Beauty Plum

Large Plum with bright red skin. Amber flesh tinged with red. Good Shipper.

Black Mission Fig

Black Mission Fig

The Mission fig is a high quality fig variety.  It is a dark skinned fig with a strawberry colored interior. The skin of the fruit often cracks when it is ripe

Bonita Peach Clausen Nursery

Bonita Peach

Bonita peach trees produce a fruit that is a medium to large yellow freestone with red blush. They are sweet, sub-acidic and very flavorful. 

Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey Fig

Those who prize Brown Turkey figs praise the milder flavor and subtle sweetness that works well in many dishes.  The fruit is even outstanding for home preserves.

Desert Gold Peach Clausen Nursery

Desert Gold Peach

Desert Gold peach trees produce fruit that are tree-ripened and have a good flavor and sweetness for such an early variety.

Donut Peach Clausen Nursery

Donut Peach

Donut peach trees are also called Saucer or Peento Peach. They are a unique white-fleshed fruit with a sunken center (shaped like a doughnut).

Dorsett Golden Apple Clausen Nursery

Dorsett Golden Apple

The Dorsett Golden apple tree produces and outstanding sweet apple for warm winter areas. Firm, very flavorful, sweet like Golden Delicious.

English Morello Cherry Clausen Nursery

English Morello Cherry

English Morello cherry trees are late ripening and the fruit may sometimes be eaten fresh when they are fully ripe.

Fan-Stil Pear Clausen Nursery

Fan-Stil Pear

The Fan-Stil pear produces a fruit with a medium, bell-shaped and has a creamy yellow skin with a slight red blush. They are crisp, juicy with a white flesh.

Fantasia Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Fantasia Nectarine

Fantasia nectarine fruit trees produce fruit that are popular, large, yellow freestones. Early harvest fruit is firm, ripe and tangy.

Fuji Apple Clausen Nursery

Fuji Apple

The Fuji apple tree is a recent introduction from Japan that has quickly become California's favorite apple. Sweet, very crisp, and flavorful, excellent keeper.

Fuyu Persimmon Clausen Nursery

Fuyu Persimmon

Also known as the apple persimmon, the Fuyu persimmon tree produces fruit that are medium sized with a flat shape and still hard when ripe.

Gala Apple Clausen Nursery

Gala Apple

The Gala apple tree produces a wonderful dessert apple and is originally from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness, tartness, and has a rich flavor. 

Giant Fuyu Persimmon

Giant Fuyu Persimmon

Giant Fuyu's share the same characteristics as the Fuyu except they are larger. 

Golden Amber Apricot

Golden Amber Apricot

The Golden Amber tree fruits are large and have a light orange skin with excellent flavor. The are wonderful fresh or canned. 

Goldkist Apricot Clausen Nursery

Goldkist Apricot

The Goldkist apricot trees are an excellent backyard apricot for warm winter climates. They are self-fertile.

Goldmine Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Goldmine Nectarine

Goldmine nectarine trees are a long-time favorite in California and Western Oregon. They are small to medium size white fleshed freestone.

Gordon Apple Clausen Nursery

Gordon Apple

The Gordon apple tree is a popular variety for Southern California since the Gordon apples have a low chilling requirement.

Granny Smith Apple Clausen Nursery

Granny Smith Apple

The Granny Smith apple originates from New Zealand and is a large, late, green, and all-purpose apple. It is crisp, tart and is an excellent keeper. 

Hachiya Persimmon Clausen Nursery

Hachiya Persimmon

Hachiya persimmon trees produce fruit that are large, deep orange-red and have an acorn shape. Hot summers are required to mature the fruit.

Hood Pear Clausen Nursery

Hood Pear

The Hood pear trees produce fruit that are large, early season fruit with a yellow-green skin and sweet, mil-flavored flesh. 

Hosui Asian Pear Clausen Nursery

Hosui Asian Pear

The Hosui Asian pear trees are consistently rated the best-tasting asian pear. They are large, sweet, flavorful, refreshing, crisp like an apple with a brownish-orange russetted skin.

Kansas Sweet Cherry Clausen Nursery

Kansas Sweet Cherry

Kansas Sweet cherry trees produce fruit that are large with a red skin and its flesh is semi-sweet and juicy. 

Katy Apricot Clausen Nursery

Katy Apricot

The Katy apricot trees are large, all-purpose, flavorful freestones. Tree-ripe fruit is sub-acidic (not tart).

Monterrey Pear Clausen Nursery

Monterrey Pear

The Monterrey pear trees produce fruit that are large, apple shaped with a yellow-green skin. They also have a sweet, mild-flavored flesh.

Orient Pear Clausen Nursery

Orient Pear

The Orient pear trees produces fruit that are fireblight resistant, large, beautiful, nearly round fruits with a shiny yellow skin and red blush. 

Osborne Prolific Fig

Osborne Prolific Fig

The fruit is large with an attractive red-hued, brown skin and amber flesh.  It has especially been a long-time favorite in cool coastal areas, and is excellent inland as well. 

Panamint Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Panamint Nectarine

Panamint nectarine trees produce a fruit that is an attractive red-skinned yellow freestone. They are aromatic, intensely flavored and have a nice acid-sugar balance.

Pettingill Apple Clausen Nursery

Pettingill Apple

The Pettingill apple chance seedling was discovered near Long Beach, California and introduced in 1949. It is a large fruit with red over green skin. 

Red Baron Peach Clausen Nursery

Red Baron Peach

Red Baron peach trees produce fruit that are large, juicy, and firm, with richly flavored yellow freestone. 

Red Fuji Apple Clausen Nursery

Red Fuji Apple

The Red Fuji apple is a redder skinned bud sport of the Fuji. It is sweet, very crisp, flavorful and is an excellent keeper.

Royal/Blenheim Apricot Clausen Nursery

Royal/Blenheim Apricot

The Royal/Blenheim apricot trees are all-purpose, freestone, sweet, aromatic and flavorful. They are the longtime #1 apricot in California.

Rubidoux Peach Clausen Nursery

Rubidoux Peach

Rubidoux peach trees produce fruit that are large with a red blushed yellow skin and a freestone yellow flesh. 

Santa Barbara Peach Clausen Nursery

Santa Barbara Peach

Santa Barbara peach trees produce fruit that are arguably the best tasting peach for home growers.

Saturn Peach Clausen Nursery

Saturn Peach

Saturn pearch trees are spectacular with large double pink blossoms. They have yellow freestone which is large, juicy, sweet, and low in acid with a fine flavor.

Shinko Asian Pear Clausen Nursery

Shinko Asian Pear

The Shinko Asian pear trees produce fruits which are medium to large with a brownish-green skin.

Shinseiki Asian Pear Clausen Nursery

Shinseiki Asian Pear

The Shinseiki Asian pear trees produce a fruit this is juicy, sweet, refreshing and crisp like an apple. They are easy to grow and keep very well. 

Snow Queen Nectarine Clausen Nursery

Snow Queen Nectarine

Snow Queen nectarine trees produce fruit that are the taste test winners. They are a sweet, juicy, early season white freestone. 

Sugar Pear Clausen Nursery

Sugar Pear

The Sugar pear trees produce fruit that are medium to small and round to bell shaped. The skin is smooth, yellow-brown suffused with russet red.

Sun Red Nectarine

Sun Red Nectarine

Sun Red nectarine trees are medium with a firm bright red skin and sweet yellow flesh.

Tropic Snow Peach

Tropic Snow Peach

Tropic Snow peach trees produce fruit that are delicious freestone for warm winter climates. They are self-fertile with showy blossoms in spring.

Twentieth Century Asian Pear Clausen Nursery

Twentieth Century Asian Pear

The Twentieth Century Asian Pear trees are juicy, sweet, mild-flavored and crisp like apple. They keep well and are easy to grow, heavy bearing trees. 

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